Mobile phone outage?

Back in December last year the 7th to be precise, according to this email from “Which” O2, the mobile network was out for approximately 24hrs, this meant that 30 million O2, Sky, Tesco, Giffgaff and Lycamobile customers were without services for a whole day! The email goes on to say, actually encourage people to seek compensation for their loss and interruption to their lifestyle. I say they should be thankful for a reminder that there is a world that exists outside of the touchscreen and we should embrace it!


Just another day in paradise

I am reacting to something I saw yesterday, this was a paid-for post that appeared when opening a new browser window on Firefox (My browser of choice) on my Ipad. I had a look just but it has disappeared and I can’t find it, anyway, the top line is ‘How much exercise does it take for anti-aging to be effective’ or words to that effect and the conclusion was that somehow the aging was caused by a thing called “Telomeres” at the end of our DNA strands, these become shorter as we age and offer less protection from basically, wearing out, however, apparently if we partake in exercise we can strengthen and lengthen our telomeres to stop us from getting old. It seems that this article was scientifically based and that over a 3000 people had been tested and the conclusion is that moderate and no exercise has no effect on the Telomeres and only those who partake in hard physical exercise on a regular basis can derive any benefit! This means of course most of the population (According to this article), I, for one do not believe it


Hot, Hot and Hot!

For most of June and all of July, the sun has been shining every day, this in itself is not unusual (Isn’t that a song title?) but along with the sunshine it has been over 25 degrees or hotter rising to 30 sometimes. I started off the summer season at the end of April with a trip to Milan to see my daughter Sophie and it wasn’t exactly cold then although not as humid as it’s been here.

Just watched “Gone Fishing” featuring Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse, both have got dodgy tickers Bob has had triple bypass surgery and Paul has had three stents fitted. They still have an amazing sense of humor and me suffering three strokes in twelve months find it difficult to laugh at anything, I wonder if I could learn something from them.


No wobble (Well nearly no wobble)

Hi All,
Today was the first day in ages, just over a week if you call that ages, that I have not felt a bit wobbly (If only for a short while) when lying flat on my back in preparation for the raised-leg posture or as it is more correctly called Udhitta Padasana, that is not to say that I do in fact wobble a bit when standing on one leg to improve my balance. There are many poses I can try but the foot lift or “Stork” is one I am attempting.
The fine weather continues and it’s hot again, too hot to do any real work outside which is why I’ve filled the mower in anticipation of riding around on that in our field later on in the day.




Remake Remodel

Having suffered three strokes in just over twelve months I am thinking of changing my website to a dedicated read of things stroke-related.

Incidentally this is what the Bothy looks like now (I had forgotten I called it that)


A slight hiccup

In May I had a stroke which left me with my right hand side a bit un-coordinated to say the least. It’s taken me til now to get myself somewhere near resembling my old self, therein lies the secret, “Do I want my old self back again?”, or do I take this opportunity to rebuild myself from scratch with new ways to do things and do let go of the person who has not been happy with all the results that 64 years has brought? Tonight is practice night and I have to go now, but I’ll be back.


Another day at the office

Bright and sunny but cold, another typical Autumn day in rural Herefordshire. Yesterday I grubbed up the wild flowers planted in my medium sized pots and planted some wallflowers, a bargain I thought at just over a dozen for 25p, the next thing is to move the remnants of the dahlias in the biggest of the pots in to the greenhouse where they can dry out. Two varieties I’ve¬† grown outside my office, one variety called “Peter” which is bright pink and one called “Guitar Man” which is a duo tone with cream in the centre and red towards the outside. We have a photo shoot for the band booked at the weekend, i hate having my photo taken and the thought of a “Photo Shoot” gives me the heebyjeebies.

A picture of some sorry looking, replanted wallflowers

Meant to embed a picture here but I haven’t got it sussed yet ūüôĀ


Spring 2017 A new start

So instead of writing the first thing that comes into your head, try picking a topic or maybe relating something that happened during the day such as “Today I saw the first swallows arrive in our neck of the woods” I think the same families always come back to their nesting site because the ones that return to the horse stables next door always tend to arrive a few days earlier than ours, that being the case then if they are not the same pair why would they not look around for another nesting site such as in our stable? They must like being in familiar surroundings and I suppose that they will always be armed with the layout of the land so they know where the food is, where the mud for the nests is and anything else that a migrant that has just traveled up to three thousand miles could possibly want. I haven’t heard the cuckoo yet.


My nut needs shaving

The strings are nowhere near the top surface of the nut.

The strings are nowhere near the top surface of the nut.

So the first thing I notice after going through the chapter on nuts is that the Indie’s nut is too¬†deep and possibly muting the strings. ¬†The strings as you might be able to see are completely¬†buried in the plastic of the nut and according to Dan Erlewine (How to make your electric guitar play great), and I bow to his superior knowledge here, the groove should be just enough to keep the string in place but certainly not¬†enough to smother the string so, I am going to have to shave some off the top of the nut!

My next quest then is to find out what tools are best to accomplish this what appears to be a fairly straightforward task with.

Above is a picture of the nut as it is.


New axe to grind

Got this a week ago plays really well and is dead comfortable even now but I have ordered a

book called ¬†“How to make you electric guitar play great” by Dan Erlwine so after going

through that I am going to see if I can make it even better.


(In case you can’t read the headstock, it’s an Indie Two Tone slim.